T​.​I​.​M​.​E. (Part 3: The Sign on the Wall)

from by Pervy Perkin

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Music: Pervy Perkin
Lyrics: Dante


T.I.M.E. (Part 3: The Sign on the Wall)

Dear Francesca:
I don't have much time left. And time, time is all there is... As I write this letter now, I realize how distorted was my reality in that moment, and how vivid this dream seemed to me. But you are not her, and I'm not him. I'm sorry, I was selfish and things turned that way. I'm going to fix it. You may not understand why I leave; it's better if you don't. But, whatever happens, if all burns down, if all disappears, if all is forgotten, you must remember the one constant that links it all: remember that... I love you.

My dear love my best friend,
It’s time for me to say goodbye.
You were as I recall,
So perfect and so wise.
Your look has haunted me
Every day since...

I'm leaving home today
Don’t worry you will be ok,
You will be ok.
I should never have come
I love you, above all
But I have one ticket back
With no return...

Forgive me
For I have robbed
For I have killed.
It was all for her
I couldn't stand it anymore,
I thought I could cheat death.
So many lies,
I was mesmerized
By the pain and grief.
How could I even see
The consequences of this?
I just loved, loved her So I did it.

Wrong, you took the wrong way
You did but screwing it all
What will you do with the darkness in you?
Just fake it and take it away?

So I'm taking the T.I.M.E.
And I would just leave forever.
The universe is breaking down,
Two collapsing realities.

Maybe I could just stay
It’s dangerous, but worse it is
To travel once again.
(Don't you forget).
(You did something bad).

(Don't you forget)
But I want to stay.
(You did something bad)
I'm not losing her once more.
How am I supposed to live?!

The deed is done, does it make sense to leave?
Save the world, a little late for me
It took my wife, it took my faith,
and I'm supposed to undo what is made...
But I know, I know
It cannot be this way
I have to let her go
Back and fix what I made.

This must be the lane, this way I came
It's almost the hour and it's the day
But it was so dark and all the rain
I think I went south then to the west
Was there maybe a tree? A black stone?
If there was a plant, it was not too grown.
At least now it's clear, it's nearly dawn
I will have no trouble seeing the sign on the wall.
There's no time at all
Could it be that someone...
Knew beside myself
How to travel in time?

The sign on the wall, the ink is strong
It may be quite blurred, but there's no doubt
The plucked winter tree, the middle eye
The two closed black curves, one on each side
Well this is the place, I better move
I don't want to be smashed when it's come
I can feel it now, I know that sound
The earthquakes are sign of coming T.I.M.E.

(You know it's time, it's the time)
(Bye my love)
So now, December ninth 1993
Today’s the day there’ s no other way
So who am I to say?
There’s always time
(You know it's time)
I know it's time
(You know it's time)
I will set you free
(Be loved, be free).

And I will be back home
Far and gone
As soon as it's turned on
All it takes
Is set the time
To 4 o'clock p.m.
And press the led.

My love there're other things
I could say to explain
Was it love or just selfishness what brought me in first place?

I can't see you aching and alone
Fighting not to moan, not to cry
And I see your shadow grow
Consuming all, All of you, All of you.

What to do?
What to say?
Turn the night
into day I'm the guilt
I'm the shame
Oh the stone
Grows her name
What to do?
What to say?
Turn the night into day.

Me: Am I ready to go?
(Reason: As you have always been!)
Me: Can I let it go?
(Reason: You can and you will)
Me: Maybe there's no place...
(Reason: There's just one way to prove you wrong!)
Me: No memory remains...
Me: How many would live?
(Reason: That choice is never yours to make)
ME: And how many would die...

All: Ok, I'm going back.


from Ink, released March 3, 2014
Music: Pervy Perkin
Lyrics: Dante




Pervy Perkin Madrid, Spain

Progressive Experimental rock/metal band originated in Murcia and located in Madrid, Spain. "Some interestingly weird shit."

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