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Music: Pervy Perkin
Lyrics: Pervy Perkin



_Chapter I:

♂He: Are you there, my love?
I'm still here waiting

It’s a beautiful day,
and everything's fine

Why don't you come down
and make me smile?

today will be the day
you'll see the sunlight

♀She: You know I can't do that, my love
It’s harder to breathe with the thought

♂He: You promised you would come
just this one time

Winter's here again,
with falling leaves and snow

Remember us that day
you couldn't say a word

Look at all you did
just a little more

♀She: I just can't go outside
This world is dangerous

♂He: its all in your mind
there' s a whole scene to see
a life to live
too long you've been aside
you need air to breathe
so come down here, my life
i'll be with you
theres no need to be afraid , you can change
like you did all this time
you know how, you know why
leave your demons behind

♀She: you know I can't do that, my love
its harder to breathe with the thought
my heart shakes and turns and revolts (2)

♣Friend: I never failed to pay
and you all know that (you know)
please give me one more day
i'm not a liar (I'm not)

○Dealer: Just one more day and it's over
But you will have to pay double
You better go get the money
You better know what your playing

♂He: Truth in our eyes enlightens the path
But human parlour veils glow into dark
Universe is in right balance for us
We’re in this world to rejoice and smile
I was once blind like you are at this time
Let my wise words undrape your frightened anima

♣Friend: I need this, I have to get stoned
I know that one trip can solve it all

♣Friend: It's all so ruined
I got some troubles, mate
I always fuck everything up
This time is serious dead
(What?)yes that's how I'm going to be
I have to hide, my friend (okay but..)
You gotta help me this one time
I swear, never again (What happens?)

○Dealer: Hey!! You! Come here!, Where's my money!! I want my money!!
♂He: Who are these people? What have you done?
○Dealer: Time’s up, I told you one day
You think you can disrespect me? This is my kingdom and nobody messes with the fucking king
♣Friend: okay I'll have it
I promise… just… a little more time please
♂He: What is all this about?
○Dealer: Get him!!!!
♣Friend: Run!
♣Friend: Damn this is a dead end
○Dealer: Well it seems you aren’t going anywhere, at least face your end like a man
♣Friend: no please
♂He: No, let us go, I ‘ll pay you!
○Dealer: It's too late…
♣Friend: No!!!!

_Chapter II:

+Priest: We know there are some things we can’t change
Sometimes life hits us so hard
One day, we’re happy and engaged
Next one we say goodbye

We know it’s true
This is the life

My sons now it’s time to say farewell
There’s nothing more we can say, do or tell
He had no guilt he was no shame
He did all good and never failed

This great man leaves a greater void
A painful hole inside our hearts
(But) if you feel you need his guide
Pray and he will come

We say farewell
We say goodbye
Can you hear our prayers?
My lord

We know it’s true
Why is it so?

Why you God allow these things to happen
(I feel so betrayed)
Is there really anybody there?
(No one at all)
No parent should have to bury their child
(I’ve nothing with you)
From this day on I have nothing with you

♀She: I ‘d want you to know
You made me be who I am
You freed from my home
and my mind
But now you are not with me
I feel alone
There is a life to live
A whole new world
to see

♂He: I'’ve lived like life was eternal
as we always do
but I can't play chess with death
There is a thin line
between death and life
Don't you wait to cross it
to appreciate your time

♣Friend: This is the end
This game is over
I lost my friend
They killed the wrong guy

A narrow maze (this is the end)
A clockwork face (This game is over)
A bloody trace (I lost my friend)
I killed the wrong guy

(♂He: You can’t stay like this forever my friend
It was not your fault they killed me not you now it’s
Time to clear the shadow inside your mind and
break the walls of madness in your head)

♣Friend: I’ve had enough
I cannot live like this
Too much time I’ve let this thing
be the owner of my life
Too much I’ve sacrificed
So no more trips for me I want to stay at home

♀She: He was your friend
He always trusted you
Where is he?
He shouldn’t have been with you

How do you call yourself a friend, he’s dead because of you
How do you dare to even say his name
Your damnation was his doom.

♣Friend: I know, I know I swear it’s all because of me
It’s devastating , I see him everyday , feel his blood in my hands and my chest
I’m sorry brother...

Raise your head
You have robbed his time
Words in vain
He’s dead and you’re alive
There’s no sense in coming here to talk
No words can heal my heart
Leave this home and take with you the lies
No words can bring my child.

+Priest: Raise your head
You have robbed his time
Words in vain
He’s dead and you’re alive
There’s no sense in coming here to talk
No words can heal my heart
Leave this home and take with you the lies
No words can bring my child.

♂He: Don't blame him for my death
it's not his fault.
You've got to carry on, now that I'm gone.
Like the flowing river our lives move,
don't remain still
Don't go countercurrent, trying to change the past, follow the river course!

♣Friend: Hello there my friend
Now it’s been a while
My wife had a child who carries your name.

And all that I have it’s for you
I’m happy again cause of you
You gave me the chance of a new life
And this time I’ll get it right

+Priest: There’s no way my son
To thank you for
making me a man
aware of being wrong

I‘ve seen it all
Lived a long
Seen the time fly
to the world’s end

♀She: No one
means more to me
But I know you want me
to feel
I was proposed this morning
He reminds me so of you

In my eyes
My guide
My sun

♂He Words of joy I can feel from apart
You all have freed your hearts
You’ve learned to live with no boundaries of mind
My leaving opened your eyes
I’m happy

Through Morphosis you’ve reached the epitome of life.


from Ink, released March 3, 2014
Music: Pervy Perkin
Lyrics: Pervy Perkin




Pervy Perkin Madrid, Spain

Progressive Experimental rock/metal band originated in Murcia and located in Madrid, Spain. "Some interestingly weird shit."

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