by Pervy Perkin

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Et encore un groupe méconnu qui n'a pas, selon moi, la reconnaissance qu'il mérite. Pourtant tout est là ! Mélodies, rythmiques, inspiration(s), bagage technique...Parlez-en autour de vous ! Favorite track: Mr. Gutmann.
Carsten Pieper
Carsten Pieper thumbnail
Carsten Pieper What a roller coaster of an album :-o

If you had some serious music nerds among your friends and would like to play the funny game of who detects the most styles or influences in one album than this should be the album used for the event!

These Spaniards have to be absolutely crazy - but in a very likeable way ;-} Favorite track: Mr. Gutmann.
MrClaxz thumbnail
MrClaxz While Ink combined everything I loved about prog metal, ToTeM adds in a bunch of new stuff I didn't even know before I would love! The amount of diversity in this album is probably unparalleled in the genre (please tell me if I'm wrong :D) and makes it a constant delight to listen to (I even had to laugh several times^^). Mr. Gutmann for sure is the craziest song I've heard so far (while still remaining listenable). Favorite track: Mr. Gutmann.
Andrew Witt
Andrew Witt thumbnail
Andrew Witt Great follow up to the album Ink. Another awesome prog effort from this group that has the right balance between eccentricity and musicality. "Some interestingly weird shit" indeed... and great fun to listen to as well. Favorite track: Mr. Gutmann.
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    ToTeM! Pervy Perkin's new full length. 5 songs glued with 4 interludes.
    9 tracks full of new eclectic, prog, experimental vibes. Travel through different universes with ToTeM.
    Huge production and a great sonic experience.
    Even More eclectic and extreme than our debut! Enjoy it!
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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    ToTeM! Pervy Perkin's new full length. 5 songs glued with 4 interludes.
    9 tracks full of new eclectic, prog, experimental vibes. Travel through different universes with ToTeM.
    Even More eclectic and extreme than our debut! Enjoy it!

    Includes unlimited streaming of ToTeM via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released April 15, 2016

- Dante The Samurai / Guitars, Vocals
- Aks / Bass, Vocals
- Alejandro Macho / Lead Vocals, Keyboards
- Carly Pajarón / Drums, Vocals
- Álvaro Luis / Guitars

Mixed and Mastered by Adrián Hidalgo from Lasting Noise studios


all rights reserved



Pervy Perkin Madrid, Spain

Progressive Experimental rock/metal band originated in Murcia and located in Madrid, Spain. "Some interestingly weird shit."

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Track Name: I Believe
I see
all the answers
all the things I've dreamed
When the night looms bright

when my mind is calm and free
then I understand

Ocean Skies
Lights are life

What Lies above
Reflects below

Ancient eyes
Gods up high

I can see
they can see

Can't you see it yet/now?
we are ants in the forest
in its knowledge /with its vision
We are one
(We are one)

The ancient gods have said
there is no human flesh
No life outside their nest... on earth

This I have learned
and yet I know somehow
There's something looking earth

I know
I know there's something more
foresee the happening

I know there's something more
I hear it like a song
I hear it like a song
I can see it every night
I hear it like a song
I hear it like a song

I know there's something more
i feel it like a calling
Do you see what i see, do you?

i can see it every night
when i close that little office
and I drive and leave the city... lights (lights)

Where's the world
enough with applications

We missed the core
through technology

do we belong
in this miscarried information

is this the way
we're gonna be

Can't you see it yet/now?
we are ants in the forest
in its knowledge /with its vision
We are one
(We are one)

I do believe in
The skies can be deceiving
But Hero Twins are shining/glowing
the only ones to see them?

You feel it when there's some light
You know it when all is dark
you want it to be-e flesh like you
bu-ut then..
Can we be safe?

Feels like fire burning in my soul
people thinking "all under control"

We desire, the universe will serve
nothing's out there, we are all alone

we stand
and we see New Fire

home to gods
there is nothing higher

but i can see a lot of firelights
more sons?

new born systems, previously unknown
earth-like planets, we are so alone

modern spaceships, huble telescope
entire new galaxies, we are so alone

Everyday i see
Their faces
they prefer to think
im crazy
standing in the night
just staring

im waiting...
im waiting...

you do like to think that you know it all!
why is not there some space for some unknown
treat me like a freak, i won't give up
cause i do believe
I believe
cause i do believe
i believe
cause i do believe
cause i do believe
i believe

Can't you see it yet/now?
we are ants in the forest
in its knowledge /with its vision
We are one
(We are one)
Track Name: KountryKuntKlub
Nigger: The sun's been there a while now
I feel it in my back
It's everyday the same thing
My sweat falls to the track
There's not a break to catch

I is tired
We is tired

Cracker: Eyes down boy, look at me funny?
Get'cher ass workin' 'fore you make me lose any more money
Smash brass fast!
You better start hauling ass!

Nigger: Masser Masser
I'll work much fasser
Ma head is down
Ma neck is brown
The only sound I'll make
Will be the falling of the hammer on the rail
I promise I won't fail youssir

Cracker: Wha'choo think you're doin' nigger, fancy you a chat?
Maybe I pull ma trigger and you shut the fuck up
Don't make me use ma whip, boy
I ain't fuckin' playin'
I'm a shooter from the hip
You know what I'm sayin'?

Nigger: Please Masser
Have a little mercy
I never worked this hard
I never been lazy
I can't go fasser
I's doin' ma best
The chains grow heavy and I do need some rest

Cracker: I still wonder how they manage to survive
They are so inferior, unworthy of a life
God made us superior look at how they sing [steal the land from the people and the people from the land
They have a brain thats primal and skin that's black as sin make them do the work and spill their blood upon the sand]

Nigger: Hey honky!
You better get that white ass off that high horse fast
Would you like me to tear you a new asshole cause that's just what I's gonna do
I gonna strangle you with ma chain
I take your gun now and blow out your brain
I fuck you up the ass till yo go insane
Ya know what I'm sayin?

Ma people don't deserve this
Think you wash your sins away at the church service?
Well, God won't save you now
While there's a breath in me I'll chase you down to the ends of the Earth if it must be so
I's be your shadow wherever you go and if hell's where you're gonna go after you die
You better pray Satan catches you before I

Cracker: The sun's been there a while now
I feel it in my back
It's everyday the same thing
My sweat falls to the track
There's not a break to catch
Track Name: Mr. Gutmann

It's nice to be back
Did I ever leave?
I was strolling through the universe

Just in case you missed it
Everything's the same
I won't change if you don't care

Reaching over, Falling under

Compromises I can't comprehend yet
Buildings crumbling over this false pretension, please!
get out of my way !

Filling the void with random stuff
Such as silly Ice kids in the park,
or KFC cheese above the spark.
tons of tonies' almonds eaten by
these bloody worms, stuck in the sky
are cracking, are crying for you to die
look at me! I'm already free
But ,my brain is empty, so re-peat
(wait and see! , the void is filled
It's time to wave your hand and say ''hi!'')

Hey guys hello, Bill here, one more day!
Hello Jessica, morning Randall,
hello captain tiny lil' cock known to everybody as... Michael.

Well, Buddy this is not what I expected, I will never, ever be a man
Insecurity detected, point your fucking finger at me!

what are you going to say (I don't know yet)
Shut the fuck up, don't say yes (And if I say...)
I think you're going to fail, again, again

Jessica is beyond your reach (I don't think so)
Your mind is suffering a glitch (Leave me alone)
Rickitipackitipich!, OH NO!


Going home, today, falling in myself!

Hungry and tired as shit, I'm getting home
I should have called my mom to turn the oven on
Half toast and a pair of pills will be enough
Naps at my living room are way more...

Hey Bill, you forgot to leave, your reports on my desk
That means I'm not gonna pay you this month, say thanks motherfucker.
Cause I could fire you today, find new work, just in case.
You stay here this afternoon til the night, Billy you deserve it.

I hope you arrive at office before six o'clock
If not, well, you know, you can stay everyday at home


Let's go, take a little stroll(x2), now,
Let's go, take a little stroll in the park

DAMN! So you chose the hard way, we're supposed to be kind to eachother
Coworkers, even good pals.
FUCK! You chose the cosmic way, now I'm not thinking quite well,
tell me a fucking reason to not tear your fucking body apart.

I'm not here
He's not there
We are friends
Not anymore

What is that?
Strange smile
wink at me
with an eye outside
Red fits you well
But my spiral is way cooler

Hey lad welcome to a place far beyond your mind
Quite different stars are shining on you, dont hide
Stream through the smell of poo , through corners of barf
That blonde girl's mine , watch out, man you drink it, you die
Hahaha just kidding bruh, you look terrified
Let me tell you more about, the night, the night

Young boy , we'll entertain you, the flavour of victory
Lies within, if you keep on licking licking
Trust me , follow the party, you're full of shit
Buddy, now let your own sexuality be the true guide

Man, what the heck was that
the strangest shit I've seen
He was a crazy homeless guy
with nothing good to say

Although it's obvious guys
I'll emphasize the theme,
the story arc is thin and clear
and feelings are quite real

I don't know where I've being at
this place looks like LAS VEGAS
There are some things that I did
I can't remember well, now...

Two pills and I forget that,
With whisky and soda, lady,
I'm gonna smash this fucking
slot machine and I will win again.

Streaming the night
Streaming the dark
Streaming the night away
Streaming the dark supremacy

Hey boss you forgot to leave your head screwed to your neck
Hey girl my place is quite near , enjoy this ultimate flirteum

Lets go take a little pill, take a little pill now
Lets go take a little pill at the rave

Good night everybody, welcome to another session of musical conundrum.
This new zombie party is the result of your first world problems that no one cares about, let your own sexuality be the guide
Feel free to transcend with the abuse of drugs, i dont give a fuck
Intoxicate, transcend, Go ahead!

We're in this together man
All you need to do is dance
And inject your fears in vein
Rejoice in your sudden end

On your own forever and
Insecure to make amends
We wont care if you dont change
Welcome to your cosmic land.

Dark lightning


Is Jessica talking to me!?
Oh my, are we gonna squanch today?
My home!?, why?
Let's go

Streaming through rainbows that only appear when it rains
although it's obvious I'll emphasize the meaning, I fall.

There's some order in this cosmic land
there's an impulse over this false pretension.
Maybe I learn from today.
falling in myself!


Through all the blue I had to waterfall
And silver in my early morning
Today I will not smell red color
Sweet glowing green body tomorrow

Well, come on Bill It's time to work all day long
What happened to the girl in bed?, now she's gone
Maybe two more pills will be enough
Or maybe could it be,
Could it be, just a little higher.
Track Name: Hypochondria
hidden in the grotto grotto,
crying speeches like a motto
hidden in the grotto grotto
tracking sucking like a loco
hidden in the grotto grotto
lucky laking like a loco

the face
the big disgrace

The trace
the chase
the shifting place

the leech
the screech
the never reach

the lies
the cries
the someone dies

(how would you tame the wolves if they're brave and you're not?)
Endless hours of feeling shallow
rotting deadly hollow hollow
endless hours of feeling shallow
burning grining dead marshmallows
endless hours of feeling shallow
Endless seconds wallow wallow

the shake
the fake
the feeling cold

the cry
the getting old

the tease
the rotting core

the lair
the uncontrol

i can hear my blood (x4)

and when you want it over

you just make it

worse by thinking all about it

feeling things that never happened

hear the crack of bones unbroken

all those thoughts that keep you woken

i can see me laying

dying out of pain

shivers down my spine

not feeling okay


i can't see the reason treason of the body of the mind duck season for my sanity

guess its time for weaken weekend wish to be dead see the beacon lead me to the afterlife

i can see me lying dying find me signs to get back on track, it sucks, im not even sick

there is no messiah, gaia, or fucking gods of mayas, sayans,feeling a paraiah

of myself
Track Name: T.I.M.E. (Part 1 The Experiment)
love, its not your life
its not your time
please dont leave me dont give up

no it isnt true
i will not cry, you will not find
a single tear when you wake up
oh no

this, this should be me
please someone stop this cruelty
you were not the one to die! oh love...

love just fight for me
a little more, my love
it is my heart you take away

You think yourself better than others
No one could reach your lucid mind
The implications of your boldness
Let me guess, you are always right

The higher you aim, the greater(the) fall
Keep telling yourself: "that's just a lie"

This little project you were caged for
you know was dead right from the start
time is the keeper of our nature
you cannot, shall not bend its path

Time machine,
The evolution's screen
The human race's dream
God's forbidden sin

The higher you aim, the greater fall
Now say if you dare: "That's just a lie"

What have I done?
How's this reality fair
When the angel gets doomed
and the doomer gets free.

Something wasn't right
I knew the murk behind
your eyes
"Oh humming bird"
"Oh my humming bird"
"Let me fly"

we will rise
between swords/lords and knights
as in ancient times
you'll see caesar's Crown
watch whole empires drawn
we will fly

And my hand needs your hand
my eyes, your face
my heart, your heart
I need you to be by my side x2

So I kept building
the core of all the clouds blurring my mind, my mind
the darkness in my heart

I should have known then
but still I felt the winds weren't just right oh right
visions yet to come

What's that again
I've Heard the clock
I count four bells
It's four o 'clock

But let me think
that must be wrong
my father's watch
quarter to four

Then could it be
there is a chance
and I believe
It can be right

I know it's true
how could it not
the clocks are fine
my machine works

I see it now
The path is clear
They will believe my mask and repentace
I'll drown in tears

Feel the echoes of your voice
ringing clearly in my head
I am going, lead my way
And there's nothing they can change.

Now it's all set so prepare
for the acting of our lives

Never knew a man so full of sadness and despair

Just one minute, all i need
next to the machine

and the world will help me carry out my plan

So it may take some time
but i will just leave forever
the universe won't break me down
i will make my reality

So many times I thought this must be my way
just look at such a beauty, it's a crime of human minds
a crime to humankind!

dont they see the future that i see?
its only this potential clear to me?

If only they could see what we'd make of it
the power of undoing, moving forwards and barckwards in time...
make things right...

Just look at this amazing gift to man
Please sir stay away...

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