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The seas of ember The crystal calling The wait is over The sails are glowing Time pass The ship is gone The trace is strong We are losing our precious Time Helmsman: The course of the man Is hiding from him The sky is red, the darkness is here When the shadow has come A light has been seen From the depths to his eyes, I can see A reflection in time Too short to be told To the east we turned and soon we forgot For days weeks and months We travelled the world Only echoes in the night what we have got. Boatswain: From the coldest ice To the boiling fire From the viking lands To the rivers of mayan Hundred days have past We are lost and tired All it seems is hard to believe! Captain: Wherever I go Whatever I see Only echoes and reflections We are getting so much closer I don't care what it takes Captain: Ahead, Tack, Turn the rudder, Hoist the mainsail Fast is the chase, And long the run The wind is with us The gods show their trust Long may be the path, But not the chase Captain: We're on the right way. Boatswain: The men are falling, sir. Captain: That's where it would be found. Impossible maze? Boatswain: They need a rest; my captain. Captain: I never ever lost a trace. Captain: Follow the sign. Boatswain: My captain please. Captain: The ancient path. Boatswain: No man should reach. Captain: Rest is but triumph's enemy! Captain: Wherever I go Whatever I see Only echoes and reflections The light of the stars is guiding my way It's so clear to me It's too late now, glory awaits In the depths of the sea. What is this place of fallen? A vision stolen From the depths of the scariest Hell on earth, Nilfheim, Tartarus Naraka's Realm, Gehenna, Duat, Mictland, Inferus
New Dawn 05:41
New Dawn Dead, For nothing Hero of the wrong cause What have they done? His sacrifice, a loss His life, mistaken. And what is taken now Will never come back. Now it's time To look up and claim what you need For them to pay their crimes Their greed. And nothing will persuade us Everything will change Memories won't fade out In the end you'll fail His life will be avenged And we shall see new dawn The dark is not forever He will not be gone He will not be gone And we shall see new dawn. And it's time to go These bounds Between You and us Won’t last forever You know it We know!
There is a moment in life when you don't know what will come Look for the meaning of life and there's nothing you can find You may feel down and think that there's nowhere you can go But you will rise like the phoenix from the ashes of your past Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the show of life! You will see desperation, misery and pain You will find that your life is like living in hell You will see superstition as your only religion, Struggling with evils that won't really come You'll find that this life won't give you peace of mind But what will you do if you don't want to die? Maybe now it's time to feel alive All the life that you have left behind Will help you to face the things to come The future meets the past in this new present The end of the beginning has gone The sun is shining on my back I've got the feeling I can glow And if things don't turn out that way I still will sing this song One thing that is too hard to learn Is that darkness turns to light And if you're singing to this tune You'll see the sun at night You'll see that life's not a matter of good or evil You'll see that there’s no drawing line Between darkness and light You'll see that love becomes hate And that's something you can't change, You'll have to feel the pain You'll see a flood of fire burning Deep in your soul turning the flesh into dust You're the owner of your life So you have to avoid the lies Because God has died All the life that you have left behind Will help you to face the things to come The future meets the past in this new present The end of the beginning has gone The future meets the past in this new present The end of the beginning has gone
Lie On the ground Hear that peaceful sound And see What could be, What is coming Light, Blinding light, Dream of a past life Darkness what it brings And I know it Life, Only time To be wasted I did what I did And I don't regret it The end Of the world And nobody's here to learn. And why Should I cry I knew this time would come And what is left for me, Just air so hot that I wouldn't breath My vision starts to fade, My mind is going some other place
Morphosis 26:23
_Chapter I: ♂He: Are you there, my love? I'm still here waiting It’s a beautiful day, And everything's fine Why don't you come down And make me smile? Today will be the day You'll see the sunlight ♀She: You know I can't do that, my love It’s harder to breathe with the thought ♂He: You promised you would come Just this one time Winter's here again, With falling leaves and snow Remember us that day You couldn't say a word Look at all you did Just a little more ♀She: I just can't Go outside This world is dangerous ♂He: It's all in your mind There' s a whole scene to see A life to live Too long you've been aside You need air to breathe So come down here, my life I'll be with you There's no need to be afraid , You can change Like you did all this time You know how, You know why Leave your demons behind ♀She: You know I can't do that, my love its harder to breathe with the thought my heart shakes and turns and revolts ♣Friend: I never failed to pay And you all know that (you know) Please give me one more day I'm not a liar (I'm not) ○Dealer: Just one more day and it's over But you will have to pay double You better go get the money You better know what your playing ♂He: Truth in our eyes enlightens the path But human parlour veils glow into dark Universe is in right balance for us We’re in this world to rejoice and smile I was once blind like you are at this time Let my wise words undrape your frightened anima ♣Friend: I need this, I have to get stoned I know that one trip can solve it all ♣Friend: It's all so ruined I got some troubles, mate I always fuck everything up This time is serious dead (What?)yes that's how I'm going to be I have to hide, my friend (okay but..) You gotta help me this one time I swear, never again (What happens?) ○Dealer: Hey!! You! Come here!, Where's my money!! I want my money!! ♂He: Who are these people? What have you done? ○Dealer: Time’s up, I told you one day You think you can disrespect me? This is my kingdom and nobody messes with the fucking king ♣Friend: okay I'll have it I promise… just… a little more time please ♂He: What is all this about? ○Dealer: Get him!!!! ♣Friend: Run! ♣Friend: Damn this is a dead end ○Dealer: Well it seems you aren’t going anywhere, at least face your end like a man ♣Friend: no please ♂He: No, let us go, I ‘ll pay you! ○Dealer: It's too late… ♣Friend: No!!!! _Chapter II: +Priest: We know there are some things we can’t change Sometimes life hits us so hard One day, we’re happy and engaged Next one we say goodbye We know it’s true This is the life My sons now it’s time to say farewell There’s nothing more we can say, do or tell He had no guilt he was no shame He did all good and never failed This great man leaves a greater void A painful hole inside our hearts (But) if you feel you need his guide Pray and he will come We say farewell We say goodbye Can you hear our prayers? My lord We know it’s true Why is it so? Why you God allow these things to happen (I feel so betrayed) Is there really anybody there? (No one at all) No parent should have to bury their child (I’ve nothing with you) From this day on I have nothing with you ♀She: I ‘d want you to know You made me be who I am You freed from my home And my mind But now you are not with me I feel alone There is a life to live A whole new world To see ♂He: I've lived like life was eternal As we always do But I can't play chess with death There is a thin line Between death and life Don't you wait to cross it To appreciate your time ♣Friend: This is the end This game is over I lost my friend They killed the wrong guy A narrow maze (this is the end) A clockwork face (This game is over) A bloody trace (I lost my friend) I killed the wrong guy (♂He: You can’t stay like this forever my friend It was not your fault they killed me not you now it’s Time to clear the shadow inside your mind and Break the walls of madness in your head) ♣Friend: I’ve had enough I cannot live like this Too much time I’ve let this thing Be the owner of my life Too much I’ve sacrificed So no more trips for me I want to stay at home ♀She: He was your friend He always trusted you Where is he? He shouldn’t have been with you How do you call yourself a friend?, he’s dead because of you How do you dare to even say his name Your damnation was his doom. ♣Friend: I know, I know I swear it’s all because of me It’s devastating, I see him everyday , feel his blood in my hands and my chest I’m sorry brother... Raise your head You have robbed his time Words in vain He’s dead and you’re alive There’s no sense in coming here to talk No words can heal my heart Leave this home and take with you the lies No words can bring my child. +Priest: Raise your head You have robbed his time Words in vain He’s dead and you’re alive There’s no sense in coming here to talk No words can heal my heart Leave this home and take with you the lies No words can bring my child. ♂He: Don't blame him for my death It's not his fault. You've got to carry on, now that I'm gone. Like the flowing river our lives move, Don't remain still Don't go countercurrent, trying to change the past, follow the river course! ♣Friend: Hello there my friend Now it’s been a while My wife had a child who carries your name. And all that I have it’s for you I’m happy again cause of you You gave me the chance of a new life And this time I’ll get it right +Priest: There’s no way my son To thank you for making me a man aware of being wrong I‘ve seen it all Lived a long Life Seen the time fly To the world’s end ♀She: No one means more to me But I know you want me To feel I was proposed this morning He reminds me so of you In my eyes My guide My sun ♂He: Words of joy I can feel from apart You all have freed your hearts You’ve learned to live with no boundaries of mind My leaving opened your eyes I’m happy Through Morphosis you’ve reached the epitome of life.
Slave of my heart Always trying to break me down Dellusional mind Is this how i' ll always be? You know that something is there Another false sign I can't even see the line anymore The darkest symbiosis, a bed of no roses, is this what is left to me? The sound of this life Double edged sword Sorrow in my heart Magic in my tone The sound of this life Double edged sword Magic in my tone Sorrow in my heart I thought I was lost and drained (you were wrong) An emptiness called insane (you were wrong) And all of the skies are falling (you were wrong) The happiness long forgotten (you were wrong) And nothing is taking us apart I need you to survive And they're calling I'm not gonna leave you anyway You're the blood in my veins And they're growing This is who and how I always am My music and my heart And they're coming I wanna live my life Maybe just not pretend I'm losing me again One body pouring down Two different songs alive Distorsionates the hound they're coming they're coming they're coming they're coming Get out of my head Get out of my head Get out of my head Get out of my head GET OUT!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! GET OUT!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! GET OUT!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! GET OUT!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! This... heart... every time... beats drowned... in the sound. Cold... eyes... empty look... the world as I knew it... lost. Walk... down.. the riverside... ravens as gulls... around me. Fall... rise... ringing in my ear... a forest, a night... and a cliff. The sound of this life Double edged sword Sorrow in my heart Magic in my tone The sound of this life Double edged sword Magic in my tone Sorrow in my heart Blue inside and below They're haunting me to meet I cannot fight anymore This darkest core in me Source of my life and grief Finally free... one step
Wake at 8:11, Half my face on the bed, Got a strange sensation, Has this happened again? My body yet so numb, Starts to move again, I get up with a headache I leave my room, turn left I lead my feet across the hall Directly into the kitchen. The TV’s on but no one’s home, Man, what a waste of cable! I grab the bread I shake my head The pain is getting stronger My whole body trembles I think I’m passing out. I think not again And I don’t know Why this similar sensation I don’t recall ever passing out. I'm reaching the phone, But the toaster is on, Get burned And then scream like a small girl My vision collapses, My headache grows fast, I really think I’m gonna faint here. It happens too fast I just fall to the ground Without hearing at all But I’m hearing one sound, And I wake up again, 8:11 am, With my face on the bed The sensation is there! What is happening? Is this the real thing? I can feel there's something wrong I recall I've lived the scene With a change of scenery Maybe not completely odd But I can see the spots So I get up again, Or that's what I intend But look at that! That's not my arm! It seems the night went great, I apparently got laid, She was not here! This is fucked up! I get up, strangest feeling But I think... I was dreaming! The TV's off, I sit down I turn it on and try to calm down. There is nothing good to see I can hear how she's calling me So I get up, but my head grows pain I know that, I've felt the same I start to faint! What is happening? Is this the real thing? I can feel there's something wrong I've lived the scene With a change of scenery Maybe not completely odd But I just can see the spots I recall. I get up once again I reach my phone and call No signal anywhere This fucking piece of junk! I'm now alone, the TVs off But then I hear a knocking There's someone at the door I better go to open My head starts to hurt I get to cross the hall The doorknob spins around 10 minutes on the clock I feel like laying down Finally the door I fall, I try to watch it There's nothing I can do All is getting darker...
He: I am, In a room far from anywhere. This bed is cold, I'm trapped alone. Contemplating a wide mirror A big clock beside me. Why is it not ticking away? Why is it always 3:11 A.M.? (Wake up) I see a shape in the mirror glass, A vision of two black frozen eyes. So I turn, to see her face But the shape is gone… An empty space instead Who is out there? I've been here for too long Save me! Please, please... She: Dear live again, Open your eyes, I know you're alive. Why don't you wake? 3 years hurt too much, Dave, come back to life He: A vague illusion of the brightest past A voice inside is calling me, Like an angel She: I can feel your heart, Beating strong, To survive He: The ice is melting, The lights fade out Only her eyes are shining now. She: Please wake up!, Open your eyes, Open them! He: Then I saw your face, I stared at that joyful rain. I kissed your lonely lips, And held you close. Cassiopeia of mine, Constellation in the sky For all these moons You’ve warmed my coldest nights She: David, do you know? I've been coming at the same hour For too long, for you! Stay with me, Don’t let me fall asleep.
S!urm 08:02
In a sea made of hopes, his drowned wishes sailed everywhere next to him A young, and naive soul was being decieved in a false reality He discovered his lost paradise, a place where he found many opportunities But his joy began to vanish when he woke up from his endless dream S!urm: I can touch the sky with my handsFall asleep in the clouds at night And the sun, is shining from my heart When the moon escapes me from my mind I can't imagine what's wrong with this... This land unconsciousness I'm afraid this glass breaks Pieces of heaven would rain Without this I couldn't rest Friend: Rest my friend I'll be there S!urm: I'm tired of seeing The same unclear face. Friend: Face the pain Take it out from your blame. S!urm: Oh, How I'd wish to be awake Friend: Wake up from your dream, Dreaming is not what you need. All you feel is unreal Now it's time to break free. Fuck! S!urm, wake up from your fucking dream!!! Inner voices: There's no escape from the fog, the shock, the clock, the lock of reality This impulse comes from deep within inside Don't even try to deny you've always lived for it. Remember when you started putting bricks in the wall Now you're living in your own Andalusian Dog This is better than the pavement and the city smog The Mistery Train of dreams is your world Don't forget it! Don't forget it! For reality you ain't ready! Inner voice: Stop! out of this prison you're not Don't you remember, together we built up our world I'm the reason of your questions and thoughts I'm the soul, the pain, the hate, the love, you will drown! Friend: Now you know the truth You only have to choose What is better for you Remember your wasted youth Slurm: What's the sense of living here? Nobody really cares about it, Grass less green, sun bleeds cold, all colors fade to grey Now where is my brush to paint them? Where's my soft, white cloud to lay down?, I should never rebirth to that world, Will my home be safe? Save my land of consciousness I'm afraid this glass breaks Pieces of heaven would rain Without this I couldn't rest... Friend: Rest my friend I'll be there. S!urm: Fantasy is my real place. Friend: Place of pain Take it out from your blame. S!urm: Now, my decision has been made I'll keep the dream alive!
My dear love, my best friend, It’s time for me to say goodbye. You were as I recall, So perfect and so wise. Your look has haunted me Every day since... I'm leaving home today Don’t worry you will be ok, You will be ok I should never have come I love you, above all But I have one ticket back With no return... Forgive me For I have robbed For I have killed. It was all for her I couldn't stand it anymore, I thought I could cheat death. So many lies, I was mesmerized By the pain and grief. How could I even see The consequences of this? I just loved, loved her so I did it! Wrong, you took the wrong way You did but screwing it all What will you do with the darkness in you? Just fake it and take it away? So I'm taking the T.I.M.E. And I would just leave forever. The universe is breaking down, Two collapsing realities. Maybe I could just stay It’s dangerous, but worse it is To travel once again. (Don't you forget). (You did something bad). (Don't you forget) But I want to stay. (You did something bad) I'm not losing her once more. How am I supposed to live?! The deed is done, does it make sense to leave? Save the world, a little late for me It took my wife, it took my faith, And I'm supposed to undo what is made... But I know, I know It cannot be this way I have to let her go Back and fix what I made. This must be the lane, this way I came It's almost the hour and it's the day But it was so dark and all the rain I think I went south then to the west Was there maybe a tree? A black stone? If there was a plant, it was not too grown. At least now it's clear, it's nearly dawn I will have no trouble seeing the sign on the wall There's no time at all Could it be that someone... Knew beside myself How to travel in time? The sign on the wall, the ink is strong It may be quite blurred, but there's no doubt The plucked winter tree, the middle eye The two closed black curves, one on each side Well this is the place, I better move I don't want to be smashed when it's come I can feel it now, I know that sound The earthquakes are sign of coming T.I.M.E. (You know it's time, it's the time) (Bye my love) So now, December ninth 1993 Today’s the day there’ s no other way So who am I to say? There’s always time (You know it's time) I know it's time (You know it's time) I will set you free (Be loved, be free). And I will be back home Far and gone As soon as it's turned on All it takes Is set the time To 4 o'clock p.m. And press the led. My love there're other things I could say to explain Was it love or just selfishness what brought me in first place? I can't see you aching and alone Fighting not to moan, not to cry And I see your shadow grow Consuming all, all of you, all of you What to do? What to say? Turn the night Into day I'm the guilt I'm the shame Oh the stone Grows her name What to do? What to say? Turn the night into day Me: Am I ready to go? (Reason: As you have always been!) Me: Can I let it go? (Reason: You can and you will) Me: Maybe there's no place... (Reason: There's just one way to prove you wrong!) Me: No memory remains... (No-me: YOU PITIFUL DECAY!!!) Me: How many would live? (Reason: That choice is never yours to make) ME: And how many would die... All: Ok, I'm going back
Epilogue 03:52


released March 3, 2014


Pervy Perkin are:
Carly Pajaron: Drums and vocals.
Dante: Guitar, Bass and vocals
Alvaro Luis: Guitar and bass.
Alex Macho: Main vocals
Ugo Fellone: Keys, acoustic guitar and occasional rapping.

All music by Pervy Perkin

Mixed and mastered by David de la Fuente in Robin Groove Studios




Pervy Perkin Madrid, Spain

Progressive Experimental rock/metal band originated in Murcia and located in Madrid, Spain. "Some interestingly weird shit."

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